Just joking. I used to live in a "15 minute" city before moving to Canada and in my opinion it will never happen in Canada until the city relaxes virtually all zoning laws. It will never happen in Canada because, Calgary like every other city in Canada has an "expensive housing policy." The city earns more revenue when house prices rise therefore the city actively works to make house prices rise. The city would never allow the person 3 doors down from me to turn their house into a bicycle repair shop because it might effect the house prices and therefore city revenue. The only way to get away from this trap is for a universal property taxes across the entire city based, not on the value of the property but the size of the enclosed space and the size of the land. Tax revenue would become more predictable and the folks on the zoning committee would not have an incentive to disallow what people do on their private property nor limit the number of new dwellings. If a developer wants to build another 5000 house, who cares as long as the city isn't putting money into it. Also, the profit motive needs to be introduced into public transit. If the city wants to pay for infrastructure and sell it for $1, okay but the profit motive would result in the exact number of buses/trains serving the most people as cheaply as possible. Sorry to all the 14 year olds stuck in cul de sacs but the city just cannot afford to run empty buses down your street. Anyway, I will be voting for Sean Chu because diversity is a more important issue for me than equality and he looks like my children. In addition I bike 8 kms to work using the city bicycle network and I appreciate Sean's careful consideration not to throw money away on bike paths. In winter there is literally me and 3 other people who commute along the Nose Creek pathway. Even in summer, I rarely see another person using it. More bike paths are a waste of money.