Angela McIntyre What I Believe

"I believe in this City. I believe with a collaborative council focused on community, innovation and equity we can build an even better city."

The Green Line

Calgary's North has been underserved for too long. Calgary needs the Green Line.

  • I will hold the provincial government to account to fulfill their obligations.
  • I will advocate for building a corridor alongside the green line that creates a safe environment for our transit riders.

Great cities need great transit. 


Climate Resilience Strategy

Calgary needs a holistic approach; that includes creating livable cities with affordable housing, investing in and fostering innovations that contribute to a sustainable and diversified green based economy, support for programs that provide better opportunities for women, gender diverse and BIPOC Calgarians and new Calgarians. We need to change our measures of success to include specific outcomes that have the health and well being of our planet and its people at the forefront. 

Every decision made by the Calgary City Council should first be looked at with a lens of utilizing renewable energy. Can we do this better? 

  • I will make room for Indigenous leaders to be in decision making roles.
  • I will stand up to the provincial government when they put policies in place that harm our rivers and waterways.
  • I will advocate for investment in water smart infrastructure and sustainable building utilizing renewable energy.
  • I will support and facilitate growth of and development of emerging tech by supporting our home grown talent and attracting worldwide investments. 
  • I will help to identify cross - sectional opportunities to facilitate the growth and development of renewable energy initiatives.


Support Local Business

Support for Local Businesses ensures that our dollars stay within our communities.

  • I will promote the reduction of red tape for the permitting process including implementing multi use buildings.
  • I will advocate for our arts & culture industry to diversify our economy, promote job growth and strengthen our economy.

Pause the Sprawl

We have to pause the sprawl and take care of our existing neighborhoods through investments that ensure that our seniors, our youth, and our families have places to gather and recreate. Our city services are stretched to the brink. Currently the Calgary Fire Department is working below basic safety standards.

  • I will fight for Calgary's basic needs to be met before we consider new neighborhoods.

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is a concern for all of Calgary. Housing is about helping everyone access opportunities to improve themselves and their families. Our students expressed concern about brain drain because they can’t find an affordable place to live after graduating. We must make Calgary a place where students choose to stay after they complete their education. Focusing on innovative, multi generational housing will help to reduce homelessness. I want my children to grow up in a City that they want to raise their children in.

  • I will advocate for affordable housing.
  • I will fight to put green building infrastructure policies in place for affordable housing.

Density by Design

Density must be planned very carefully with the environment at the forefront. The friends of Confederation Creek have concerns about our stormwater. I strongly believe that better leadership could’ve led to better outcomes on this issue and on many others throughout Ward 4 over the last 8 years. 

Green Space

I will push for innovative ways to create and protect our greenspace.

Zero Tolerance for Racism and Violence 

We must ask ourselves how can Calgary be a good relative to Indigenous people because we have failed.

  • I will implement the actions called for in the White Goose Flying report and be held accountable.
  • I will not uphold racist policies.
  • I will develop strategic collaborations with BIPOC, LGBTQ+ leaders to shape policies.

We must do better. We are all responsible for protecting our neighbours and friends. If you see something, say something. Calgary needs to continue to take safety and accessibility seriously.

We grow when our City values the arts and the economic benefits they bring,

a City that evaluates tough decisions on the basis of merit and understanding. 

We grow when economic policy decisions keep the environment in mind.

We can build a City that makes money AND believes in human rights for ALL.

Let's build a Calgary where we all belong. Together.